Diversity in the workplace

   Module:         CROSSROADS
    target audience:      managers, team leaders, employee
                                    representatives, supervisors
    duration:                  3 hours
    location:                   Brussels, in-house or off-site

Would you like your workforce to be less homogeneous and more diverse, inclusive and effective, but is your staff struggling to face the growing complexity of our society?

This half day workshop is designed to help participants understand the significance and advantages of diversity in the workplace and to raise awareness of stereotyping, bias and assumptions from both unconscious and conscious level.


It provides methods and actions for positively managing prejudices (for both individual and organisational implementation) and teaches how to relate to each other more respectfully as a result. Participants learn equitable practices and how to set ground rules in order to break down barriers to a diverse organisation.   


​This workshop stimulates informal exchanges among participants who are encouraged to be self-reflective about their and their organisation’s cultural shaping and power mechanisms. It teaches how to develop strategies and attitudes to enhance effectiveness and business performance of diverse organisations. The ultimate goal is to eliminate discrimination on an individual, group and workplace level, and to ensure equality and a performant workplace for all.


   Module:        MINDSHIFT
    target audience:      managers, team leaders, HR staff,
                                    recruiters, entrepreneurs
    duration:                 3-4 hours
    location:                  Brussels, in-house or off-site

Both modules are independent of each other and can be booked separately.

Maximum enrolment limit: given the workshop's character, the number of participants is best limited to 20, but it is possible to organise the same module more than once in the same company.

Diversity to Business (D2B)

This workshop is designed to help participants set their mind on global growth via the diversification of products & services, thoughts and staff. It teaches them about the commercial consequences of fixed mindsets, and how to infuse diverse behaviourism into their company culture.



Do you want to tap into new markets, catch up with rapidly shifting demographics and the continued globalisation while enhancing business performance?  

Would you like your team to think more outside the box, are you looking for an enabler of innovation and collaboration, do you feel the need to apply a more objective decision-making?

Do you realise you are failing to enlarge your candidate pool and are losing the war for talent? Are you struggling to fill positions or missing out on talent? 



This workshop teaches you how to develop skills to interrupt old patterns, how to attract the widest pool of qualified candidates, how to improve your employer branding, in order to enter new markets and eventually boost your business.




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the path from Diversity to Business (D2B)

About ella:

Ella, an independent centre of expertise, has more than 15 years of experience in knowledge development and application. Ella’s committed staff and volunteers are scientifically skilled and/or experienced in gender, ethnicity and other diversity related subjects. The center develops its own methodologies and training.

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Brussels Economy and Employment (BEE) promotes sustainable economic development and job creation in the Brussels-Capital Region. It has three principal missions: developing the economy, supporting employment and guide investors and companies involved in exports. It is one of six administrative bodies within the Brussels Regional Public Service. Its services are primarily focused on businesses and employees.



Brussels Economy and Employment sponsors the 2017 workshops. If you are a company located in Brussels, please register at your earliest convenience and your company's team may attend the training session for free.